Farm land - rental/sale

Being a rapidly developing agricultural producer with traditions, we strive to expand the areas we cultivate. We offer competitive terms to our current and potential lessors – long-term contracts, high rents and professional treatment of the land along with a possibility for purchase of the land irrespective of the farming season. The lands, which we cultivate, are located in:

  • Bezmer
  • Vodenichane
  • Dzhinot
  • Drazhevo
  • Kabile
  • Kalchevo
  • Kozarevo
  • Mogila
  • Okop
  • Roza
  • Stara Reka
  • Tenevo
  • Tarnava
  • Hadzhidimitrovo
  • Hanovo
  • Chargan
  • Yambol


If you wish to send a request for lease or sale of land, please use the appropriate forms:

Lease form →Sale form →