Agromate OOD was established in 1993 as a scientific consulting company. Its main activities are production and trade of agricultural produce, seeds and chemicals.

Two established professionals in the field of agriculture –Senior Associate Scientist Tasho Kostadinov Tashev, D. Sc. (Econ.) and Senior Associate Scientist Evelina Ivanova Tyufekchieva, D. Sc. (Econ.) triggered the Company’s start up. Their longterm scientific, management and production experience throughout the years was incorporated in a company which sets professionalism and honesty as its main principles.

Agricultural production became the company’s main activity in 1995 after the start of the agrarian reform in the country.

At present the company cultivates over 12,000 decares (1,200 hectares) located in more than ten localities in the lands of Yambol, Tundzha and Straldzha Municipalities in the Yambol Region. It grows the traditional for the area cereals and oil crops applying the latest agricultural technologies and innovations. Our valuable partners in the business are more than 1500 landowners who have entrusted the company with the management of their lands in exchange for the payment of competitive leases and rents.

In order to meet the constantly rising ecological and technological requirements to the agricultural producers in the country, being a EU member country, the company makes considerable investments in new technologies and machines every year. Most modern tractors and combine harvesters are used, equipped with a full set of tractor-attachments for the application of both intensive and preserving the soil and environment technologies in strict observance of the agronomic time schedule. The up-to-date silo and storage facility equipped with a natural gas-based dryer and all adjoining infrastructure allow for qualitative storage of the products. A major portion of the investments made was supported by the grants under the SAPARD and Rural Development Programme and the company was recognized as an ambitious and reliable investor.

The company pays a special attention to the qualification of its employees and workers. Additional investments aimed at securing better working conditions are contemplated for this year.

Besides the permanent employees the company also provides considerable seasonal employment during the campaigns. 

For the purpose of ensuring the sustainable development of its business the company invests considerable resources in the purchase of farmlands and thus increases the share of its own land every year and also offers long-term lease contracts to farmland owners.

The diversification of the company’s production profile is one of the top priority targets for gaining a considerable competitive advantage in the sector.

In 2012 the company successfully implemented and commissioned a facility for seed cleaning, calibration, treatment and packing as well as a production line for dehulling of sunflower seeds and packing in compliance with the highest European standards. Procedures were developed for good manufacturing and hygienic practices and a HACCP certification is pending. The company is registered with the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The implementation of a quality management system ISO 9001 is pending.